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There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.
If God wanted us all to judge, we would have all been born with a gavel in our hand.
Your opinion of me doesn't have to become my reality.
The only opinion of you that is important, is God's. Focus on living your life, and let the opinions of others be what they are.
No one has the right to judge you. They might have heard your stories, but they didn't feel what you were going through.
People will always judge you on your past, so make the best of the future, because they will judge that too.
If you judge me for what I do, you will have no time to learn from my. You know that.
Don't care what people say behind your back because words cant kill you.
No matter how good of a person you are, there will always be someone criticizing you.
Nobody else opinion on you matters but your own. Believe in yourself, be yourself, and make yourself happy.
Judge me not by physical size or appearance, but judge me by the size of my character.
Do what you feel in your heart to be right- For you'll be criticized anyway.
Don't judge me by my color, my size or my appearance. Because if you do, you will miss who I really am.
Silence is the best answer you can give to an issue. What's the use of admitting, denying and to justify, when you have been already judged.
You can judge all you want but the only person that can judge me is god!
Don't worry about what people are going to think about you. Just live your life.
When people tell you that you're to small to do something, don't follow. Do what you want and follow your heart.
No matter what they say, don't change who you are.
Whenever I do something right, nobody seems to remember. But when I do something wrong, no one can ever seem to forget.
I would rather live telling the truth and be judged for my mistakes.
Your personal matters are always a subject of entertainment for others.
Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it.
Thinking too much of what others think of you ultimately changes what you think of yourself.
Life will get much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.
Let people say whatever they like, but that's just opinion, not the fact. Don't let them make you doubt yourself.
People who judge, don't matter. People who matter, don't judge.
Why should I care of what other people think of me? I am who I am and who I wanna be.
Weather you judge people or not they will always judge you.
Don't get upset when someone starts putting you down. They're only doing it because they're unhappy with themselves.
No Matter how badly people treat you, never drop down to their level, just know you're better and walk away.
Remember only god can judge you forget the haters because somebody loves you.
If you don't believe others can end your suffering, why believe they can end your happiness?
When you continually worry about what other people think of you, they own you.
Remember only god can judge you forget the haters because somebody loves you.
when you judge another,you don't define them,you define yourself!
Silence is the best answer you can give to an issue. What's the use of admitting, denying and to justify, when you have been already judged.
Before you judge me, you better make sure you're better than me.
Don't be distracted by criticism. remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.
People are going to talk no matter what you do, so you might as well give them something to talk about.
Don't let anyone judge the way you look. The only judgement that matters is Gods and He knows you're beautiful.
If they want to watch you and judge you give them something to watch. Let your enemies watch you chase your goals and dreams.
People always have the right to judge you without knowing who you really are. But you also have the right to decide not to care...
Life is too short to care what people think. So live your life the way you want to, be happy, be strong, be yourself not caring what people think.
Don't judge me for my choices when you don't understand my reasons.
Go ahead, judge me. Just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life.
Sometimes people will talk about you when they envy the life you lead. Let them be. You affected their life; don't let them affect yours.
I rather you hate me because of who I really am, Judge me because of my past. Then to pretend that you like me , lead me on, or love me for who you want me to be..
Walk a day in my shoes, feel the pain, loss, sadness, guilt, remorse, and the heartache, then I dare you to judge me!
I don't care what people think or say about me, I was not born on this earth to please anyone.
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